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Specialty China Services

Vista Advisory has opened an office in China to facilitate foreign investments in the rapidly growing China supply chain market. Our China specialists provide innovative, value-added solutions for strategic investments, 3PL consulting, supply chain enhancement and commercial real estate. The Vista team has high level governmental and private logistics industry background in China.

Strategic Investment

  • M&A Services and Acquisition Search - Vista has unmatched knowledge of market trends, industry players and their operational/financial situations.


  • Due Diligence - Utilize our expert knowledge of local market and as industry insiders, we can provide expert due diligence assistance


  • Strategic Development - Develop partnerships that protect client interests and offer effective vehicles for market entry, geographical expansion, local knowledge gain and strategic asset control.


  • Partnerships and joint ventures - Development of partnership strategies that support our clients in moving up the value chain, instead of just growing larger.

3PL Management Consulting

Market Research – We offer full range of marketing research for the logistics industry:


  • Market Environment Studies

  • Competitor Benchmarking

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Pricing Studies

  • Key Account Profiling

Strategy Development – We can help you to clarify your goals and find ways to achieve them:


  • Focus & Diversification

  • Infrastructure Strategies

  • IT Systems Development

  • H&R Recruitment

Training – Vista professionals can develop a specialized training program to suit your company’s needs:


  • Marketing & Sales

  • Operations

  • Project Management

Service Quality Audit & Improvement

Supply Chain Enhancement Services

Supply Chain Modeling: Vista provides DSS analysis and optimization solutions that are customized for China. By customizing advanced DSS applications to the local environment, we achieve unparalleled accuracy and validity.

  • Network Optimization

  • Inventory Optimization

  • Risk Management

  • Comprehensive Simulations

Subcontractor Management Enhancement: Logistics outsourcing can be a double edged sword. Vista solutions help customers ensure both savings and service commitments are kept by subcontractors.

  • Subcontractor Selection & Bid Administration

  • Service Monitoring

  • Billing Audit

Footwear/Apparel Sourcing & Distribution Solutions: Vista’s specialty for supply chain re-engineering.

  • Supply Chain Audit and Process Re-Engineering

  • Partner Selection & Training

  • Service monitoring & Issue Resolution

Competitor / Industry Benchmarking: Vista can help benchmark your company vs. key competitors in the local market. Find out what areas your company excels and what areas need improvement.

Commercial Real Estate

Our clients’ facilities strategy is a key component of their overall supply chain strategy. In China, finding a suitable facility is an especially challenging part of the logistics solution. Vista’s real estate services include:

  • Facilities Location Search

  • BTO – Built To Order

  • Due Diligence

    • Supply Chain Network Strategy

    • Transport Infrastructure

    • Government Regulation

    • Facility Audit

    • Security/Safety Audit

    • Terms Negotiation

  • Facility Design & Process Engineering

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