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Strategic Consulting
Not sure if you should sell today or if you should buy your competitor? Vista Advisory’s consulting services are designed to engage the client early in the decision making process. We work with the client to identify all strategic alternatives, and to recommend a path that ensures shareholders’ needs are met and goals are achieved. Vista Advisory goes through each scenario with the client from an outright sale, recapitalization, minority sale, making acquisitions and remaining status quo. This process empowers our clients to make an educated decision as well as prepare them in advance for any type of transaction.

A typical offering memorandum is prepared in 30 days, which does not allow sufficient time to identify and make operational and reporting changes to increase the value of the Company. Our services are designed to address concerns well in advance to detect negative value drivers prior to marketing the Company. Six extra months could equate to millions of dollars left on the table.


Mergers & Acquisitions: Seller Services
Understanding the needs of the shareholder(s) is our first priority since each engagement has its own unique set of variables and requires a customized approach. Our sales process relies on diligent research, industry knowledge, flawless execution and thorough understanding of the buyers. This enables us to be selective and discreet when soliciting potential buyers, which will minimize exposure of the company and result in fewer, but more qualified suitors.

Vista Advisory combines its experience and expertise to maximize net proceeds, negotiate the best possible terms, ensure confidentiality, minimize burden to the owners and provide for an efficient process to speed up the sales cycle.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4



Buyer Selection


Vista's experienced deal team is a dedicated resource that enables us to reduce preparation time.

  • Conduct in-depth diligence on the company

  • Assess competitive position of company


  • Assess viability and communicate sale expectations


  • Prepare list of buyers for approval

Vista promotes more efficient interaction between buyers and sellers and reduces marketing time.

  • Prepare selling memorandum

  • Contact buyer universe


  • Initial screen for qualified buyers


  • Follow-up buyers leads


  • Schedule conference calls and meetings with prospective buyers

Manage bidding and auction process.

  • Obtain formal indications of interest

  • Set deadlines for bid


  • Set deadlines for final offers


  • Accept offer


  • Execute Letter Of Intent "LOI"

Expedite closing.

  • Facilitate buyer due diligence

  • Negotiate purchase documents


  • Complete due diligence and sign definitive agreement


  • Close transaction

  • Post closing, Vista helps to coordinate tax and legal matters to ensure that our clients maximize net proceeds from the sale of their business

Mergers & Acquisitions: Buyer Services
Vista’s buy-side advisory services are tailored to strategic and financial buyers to maximize proprietary deal flow. Our goal is to attract businesses that are not “for sale”, thus eliminating competitive auctions that can be costly and time consuming.

- Conduct Industry Research ≠ Leverage Expertise

- Develop Database ≠ Gather Target Info

- Approach Target Companies ≠ Customized Package

- Establish Exclusive Meetings ≠ Non-Auction Environment

- Process Leads ≠ Vista Lead Profiles

- Reporting ≠ Deal Tracking

- Close Transaction ≠ Expedite Closing

Litigation Support
Vista Advisory provides litigation support for mergers and acquisition related cases and has provided expert witness testimony and opined on cases.

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